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For Balancing Hormones and Restoring Gut Health

From Our Readers:

After three weeks eating this way, I noticed my skin was clear, my energy was skyrocketing and my inability to focus had vanished. After 28 days I was down 17 pounds, off my thyroid medication completely and felt so amazing that I kept up with the raw-foods diet for an additional 28 days. It was at this time I decided to go have my thyroid levels checked again. To my delight, both my T3 and T4 levels were completely normal!

I have since adapted this diet slightly, but know I will continue to get the majority of my foods from plant-based, nutrient dense, healing foods.

– Amy R.

What I’m loving about this plan….its 14 days in duration and the recipes are so simple! I’m excited to try more recipes next week. And I love that even going out to dinner on the weekend I can stay on track. And the recipes are transportable as I head out of town for the next 3 days I’m packing it all up to go.

– Alysia W.

Success for me, my family has enjoyed a lot of the meals and snacks with me. Although I have made them a frozen pizza or two… the best part… I didn’t want a slice, my body seems so satisfied with the nutrients I am giving it I don’t have cravings! I love the variety and all the options.

– Tammy K.

After months of trying to find a solution to my issues (other than the recommended hysterectomy), a friend of mine had shared how she was healing her body with a raw plant based diet. Wanting to be supportive, I asked if I could join her. I figured it couldn’t hurt, but truly doubted it would help my situation.

At 28 days, I was down 7 pounds, I had incredible energy, my insomnia was completely gone, I had zero PMS symptoms, the cystic breakouts had ceased, and for the first time in almost a year I had gone an entire month without a migraine. Additionally, I had a surprise result that knocked my socks off. Four years ago, I was diagnosed with sacroiliitis which is just a fancy term for inflammation in the sacroiliac joint. Twenty-eight days into this diet, not only is my pain gone, but I no longer have to limit my activities as well!”

– Kourtney J.

I got dressed this morning for church and didn’t need Spanx. No belly bloat is wonderful!

– Anonymous

I woke up
this morning and realized that I haven’t taken an antihistamine for my hives in five days. Could I be cured?? I hope so!

– Stephanie L.

14 Day Meal Plan for Balancing Hormones and Restoring Gut Health

For two and a half years (after my youngest was born) I battled with stubborn weight gain, despite exercising 4-6 times per week and maintaining a very healthy diet. I dealt with a painful cycle that came every 21 days and brought with it horrible mood swings, breakouts and cramping. After just three weeks of implementing this raw, plant-based plan, my cycle corrected itself to 28 days, I no longer had awful breakouts, the painful cramping was manageable and I lost 8 pounds.

Having such great results in such a short period of time, simply by changing the foods I ate, was what led us to create this 14-Day Meal Plan. The best part is, many of these recipes are so delicious, they’re now in frequent rotation as part of our weekly menu. To top it off, The Hubs and our four kiddos get just as excited to eat them!

If you’re ready to take control of your health and if you’re ready to make big changes in how you feel on a daily basis, then this 14-Day Meal Plan for Balancing Hormones and Restoring Gut Health is for you.

– Kelsey

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14 Day Meal Plan for Balancing Hormones and Restoring Gut Health

14 Day Meal for Balancing Hormones and Restoring Gut Health