Homemade Baby Wipes

Never run out of baby wipes again! This quick and easy baby wipes recipe is so simple and won't break the bank. Grab those paper towels and let's go!

Giving Experiences

According to the 32nd annual survey on holiday spending from the American Research Group, Inc., the average shopper in the United States will "...spend an average of $929 for gifts this holiday [...]

Essential Oil Basics: Roman Chamomile

When an essential oil can help with infant colic AND new momma anxiety, it’s a must have! Roman Chamomile can do just that and much, much more. Most of us are familiar with RC (Roman Chamomile) [...]

DIY Vapor Chest Rub

Making your own Vapor Chest Rub is easy and affordable, and won't put dangerous chemicals on your skin. A healthy solution this cold and flu season.

Cloth Diapers – Part 3

We're finally discussing how to clean and care for cloth diapers, as well as sharing some cloth diapering tools that will help make diapering your baby a breeze (or at the very least, not a burden).

Tinker Crate

Our kids love gadgets, widgets and thingamabobs. Which is why they love getting their Tinker Crate in the mail each month!

A Tale of Two Blueberries…

Call around and find a U-Pick and make an adventure of it. Live in a bigger city? Pull out a map and draw a circle 15 miles out side the city…bet there are some amazing farms to explore!

Redeem 5.2 Post #5

This also may help with my issue of waiting around. If I am ready 15 minutes early then I go nuts waiting and subsequently may drive my wife and children crazy trying to leave early.

Redeem 5.2 Post #4

I am going to write letters to people who have influenced my life. Subtle influences or life altering, if it mattered I want to let the person know the impact they have had on my life.

Butter Cookies

"These are so good, I can't believe they're actually healthy"! - Malia (they are still a cookie, love, not a carrot!)

What Christmas is for Us

Every year I quietly snicker (loving and soaking up every minute) and watch my husband and sister-in-law argue about the recipe (this has everything to do with sibling rivalry and nothing to do [...]

Learning Their Own Way

...they thought long and hard for "chores" or "services" they could provide in exchange for a donation, but kept realizing that the value in these acts is the love it demonstrates and not in any [...]