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Thrive Market

Thrive Market Review

10 Reasons Why Thrive Market is a Great & Affordable Option

Have you heard of Thrive Market yet? Most of us have, but if you’re among the few who haven’t, let me be the first to tell you about it. If you’ve heard of Thrive, but just haven’t taken the plunge to try it out yet (FOR FREE), then this post is for you…those who have no idea about Thrive Market, those who have yet to try it for themselves, and still others who just need a good way to save money on quality organic items. I should add that Thrive often offers products not available to me locally (here in small-town America!), making a membership even more of a bonus!

When asking current Thrive Market members what they love most about this “Costco meets Whole Foods” online store, here’s what they said:

“Top 10 Reasons to Join Thrive Market”

  1. Your first month is free! That’s right, completely free. All you need to do to browse through their offerings is create a login. You can then see all the products and prices before deciding to join, and your 30-day trial doesn’t begin until you place your first order.
  2. Freebies and incentives! How does an extra 15% (or more) off your first purchase sound? Try stocking up on as many items you frequently use to make the most of the discount and really rack up the savings.
  3. Orders over $49 ship free! And orders under $49 ship for $1.95…that’s hard to beat!
  4. Discounted pricing. Thrive offers many regular sized products at a discount. This means you don’t always have to order huge quantities to benefit from the savings. Through Thrive, the price per pound of coconut flour costs less than the 25 pound bulk pricing at my local store.
  5. Savings pays for your membership. If you consistently order just one or two staple items, the savings can quickly pay for your membership. For example, a friend of mine pays for her membership in just two months of buying coconut milk. The savings happens that quickly!
  6. More promotions! When you place larger orders (usually above $59), Thrive will often throw in a FULL-SIZED sample of another product. The products they offer are always useful, too. Things like avocado oil mayo, coconut oil, almond butter, ghee, laundry detergent, eco-friendly disposable coffee cups and cleaning supplies. There’s nothing worse than receiving a lame freebie that ends up in the trash or shoved to the back of the pantry.
  7. Quick shipping. Orders usually ship within two days and are received within a week of ordering. Sure it’s not Amazon Prime fast, but the savings you receive (even above Amazon) makes those extra few days worth it, IMO! Again, it goes back to the question, “Would you rather spend time or spend money?” Saving a few bucks and waiting a couple extra days will always win out in my book.
  8. Quality packaging. They go way above and beyond to carefully package shipments so nothing gets damaged. This is both awesome and one downside (again, my opinion only). During the warm summer months they’ll charge a couple extra bucks to add an ice pack to your package so your precious chocolate bars don’t melt during shipping. I get it, no one likes melted chocolate, but I also don’t like paying for things like an ice pack! (Although I will admit I save these and use them for camping trips or to toss in the cooler for picnic lunches! So it’s not THAT bad!)
  9. Thrive Brand. Thrive typically offers multiple brands of a single product, which is helpful for those with allergies needing to avoid possible cross-contamination with wheat or tree nuts. They even offer many products under their own “generic” Thrive label, adding even more to the savings.
  10. Their customer service is top notch! They communicate the status of your order and shipping details via email, and have been known to offer discounts on your next order if it’s delayed.

Thrive Gives Back!

I know I’ve already listed my top 10 reasons, but I have to mention how Thrive Market gives back. For every paid membership they receive, Thrive offers a FREE MEMBERSHIP to a family that can’t afford one themselves. They also support and promote ethical and sustainable farming practices. Double win!

DISCLOSURE: If you use our link to Thrive Market (and eventually purchase a membership), we will get a small commission for the referral. Our affiliates, like Amazon and Vital Proteins, are how we earn money for our blogging efforts as it takes time and resources to compile the information we share on our site. Simply clicking through our website to any of these affiliates gets you access to the same great deals and gives us a small commission. That being said, we will never endorse or recommend a company or product we don’t use and love ourselves. We stand behind Thrive Market and want to share with our readers great opportunities to source high quality food at affordable prices.

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