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A hand spraying a bottle of homemade bug spray.
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Homemade Bug Spray

Love being outdoors but hate getting bit by bugs? Here’s a non-toxic, natural homemade alternative to those harmful store-bought bug repellents. The bonus is this DIY version works as well as those containing DEET and you can make it in less than 5 minutes.
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Keyword: Bug Repellent, Bug Spray, Insect Repellent
Yield: 4 oz. bug spray
Author: Kelsey Steffen


  • Mix all ingredients together in a small spray bottle.
  • Shake bottle well before each application (and a few extra shakes between applications if spraying more than one person).
  • Apply to exposed skin as well as clothes, shoes, hats and backpacks. Be careful to avoid contact with eyes.


  • When packing this bug spray for a hike, toss it in your bag in a sealed zip-top bag to avoid leaks/spills.
  • If you won't be hiking with this spray, these glass spray bottles are recommended.
  • I always prefer glass when using essential oils, but because our kiddos pack their own bug spray in their hiking backpacks, we use these plastic spray bottles to avoid broken glass.
  • When spraying the face, we recommend spraying a little onto your hands and rubbing it onto your face to avoid accidental spraying in the eyes.
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