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o 21.8 million Veterans:

According to a 2014 article in the US News & World Report there are 21.8 million Veterans currently in the USA.

How do you let 21.8 million people know that you are thankful for them?

My name is Jason. Allow me to introduce my wife Kelsey, and our children; Malia, Zadok, Maclin, and Elias….and that is our black Lab, Ruger. We live in North Idaho and love our life.

We first thank God for everything we have… and then we thank you…all 21.8 million of you, and the millions whose steps you have followed in.

We have a home…because you were willing to walk out your front door and into foreign lands. We have a marriage…because many of you put marriages on hold while serving. We have children…because so many of you missed out on long stretches of your children’s lives. We live free…because you took an oath and backed down to no one to protect freedom. We live…because all of you have sacrificed, many with the ultimate sacrifice.

The majority of veterans that I know, or have met, are somewhat uncomfortable with recognition. As if to say of their service time “I was just doing my job”.


Our family will never meet all 21.8 million of you, and I do not presume to think that you ever question “why” regarding your decision to serve.

But if you do ever ask “why”…

If, as a family member of a Veteran, you ever ask “why”…

My name is Jason, this is my wife Kelsey, my daughter Malia and sons Zadok, Maclin and Elias. As a father, a husband, and as a family…Thank you for your service.

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    Very nice! You need a new family photo…….I’m on it!!

    • Kelsey Steffen
      Kelsey Steffen

      I know! We chuckle at how long it’s been for a good one! Make it happen! 🙂

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    Very moving piece! Can’t wait to see it on Facebook next year!

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