A few years back we opened up a can of worms. We started wondering “why?”. Why we eat this (no, not worms!), cook with that, take time for this, spend money on that…there were so many questions. We weren’t taking lessons from our two year old, asking “Why?…why?…why?…” just to drive people nuts, we were actually curious.

Curious to discover the value in the everyday, in the routine. Curious to understand the “why” so we could identify what matters, refine our loves and bring an intentional approach to our lives.

It’s not about “half-empty” or “half-full”; for us it’s about pulling up a chair and sharing the cup. So pull up that chair and let’s visit a bit, there’s lots to catch up on.

Welcome to our lives, welcome to Full of Days…where Days Become a Life.

– Jason & Kelsey, kids and our Lab



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  • Love this post!!! I made a lot of changes when I started having problems with my tummy…so now (most of the time) I make my own mayo and relish… so easy! My next venture is to make my own ketchup. I don’t use any salad dressings anymore just oil and vinegar but the boys still use ranch. I still have a medium length list of condiments in the fridge that are unhealthy but those will soon be replaced!! Thanks for the awesome post!

  • Thinking of the RV here…….would this also work as a countertop and bathroom cleaner? Looking at the amber 8 oz glass spray bottles. What do you think? Or, would another recipe be better for the general (not floor) cleaning?

  • So glad you asked Beth! We try to make it as easy as possible to purchase what you’ll need for our recipes. To the right of all the ingredients lists, you’ll see “Buy From Amazon” and “Buy from Azure” columns. Links to the products are directly below these headings.

  • Peach Italian Soda???? Seriously???

  • After reading this I looked up several lists of prebiotics. Many of the foods on the list we already consume frequently. While I use garlic and onion in pretty much everything I cook, I thought to myself “How in the world am I going to get my kids to eat RAW garlic and onions?!” Suddenly it came to me: Fresh Homemade Salsa! We Pinkerton’s are known for our salsa. I make a huge bowl and it is gone in just a day or two. We eat it plain, with chips, with egg dishes, with cottage cheese & avocado and on top of Mexican dishes...

  • The ACV was the game changer in getting my broth to gel! Great tip often left out of other articles I’ve read!

  • So many important lessons to learn in life…..much better to learn them as a child than as an adult!!

  • Thank you for the good info. We love raw milk and now I feel even better about it. I’ve wondered about making sour cream from the “old” cream that I sometimes have left. I won’t be afraid of it now!!

  • My kids hate mint. Would a fruity alternative do the trick?

  • I read this last night while laying in bed. I haven’t slept good in about a week so I thought “what the heck! Let’s give it a try!” I looked around my room and as it turns out, I’ve been sleeping in a hotbox of EMF’s. I’ve got my electric fireplace (or ambiance maker), Bob, my robot vacuum (which personally I consider to be the most important appliance in the house), we both have bedside lamps and phones on our bedside tables AND tablets on our bedside tables. Sooooo, I turned off and unplugged everything and I slept 10 hours!!! 10 hours!!!! Don’t hate me because I’m well rested.

  • I just read up on how a second ferment further reduces lactose and makes it more palatable (it can also be flavored during this time)! I have one going with cinnamon and vanilla. Hope it turns out ;)! Does it kill the vitamins and enzymes if you use the kefir in a recipe that is baked?



Basic principles, dietary guidelines, how to read labels and obtaining what our bodies need to thrive through real food.


Empathy, sympathy and understanding! (We’re blurry eyed and tired with you!)

Essential Oils

EO Basics, how to get started, DIY recipes and why you should use EOs.

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