For the Everyday Baker:
From our Kitchen to yours!

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A few years back we opened up a can of worms. We started wondering “why?”. Why we eat this (no, not worms!), cook with that, take time for this, spend money on that…there were so many questions. We weren’t taking lessons from our two year old, asking “Why?…why?…why?…” just to drive people nuts, we were actually curious.

Curious to discover the value in the everyday, in the routine. Curious to understand the “why” so we could identify what matters, refine our loves and bring an intentional approach to our lives.

It’s not about “half-empty” or “half-full”; for us it’s about pulling up a chair and sharing the cup. So pull up that chair and let’s visit a bit, there’s lots to catch up on.

Welcome to our lives, welcome to Full of Days…where Days Become a Life.

– Jason & Kelsey, kids and our Labs


You can spend time or you can spend money…but if you want to feed your family real food, healthy food, you will have to choose one.

Will you spend extra time in the kitchen making food from scratch using real ingredients? Or will you spend money buying the pre-made options that come with a hefty price tag (and still aren’t as healthy)?

We’ve compiled a list of 21 ways we have saved money in order to eat the highest quality foods and nourish our bodies without breaking the bank.

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