Healthy Change #48 – Probiotics

Bottom line, our "good guys" could use some help from time to time, and diversity is a really good thing when it comes to the different strains of beneficial bacteria. Check out this post for the [...]

Healthy Change #44 – Get Moving

One of the easiest healthy changes to agree with (yet often hardest to implement) is the idea of exercise. We know it's good for us, we know our bodies need it, but sometimes the execution is [...]

Healthy Change #43 – Consistency

How do we maintain our healthy-living lifestyle during this season that's tied to so many yummy sweets and treats? How do we rise above the gentle lures of the holiday themed lattes, and fudge, [...]

Healthy Change #20 – Eat Local

Whether it's a u-pick farm, a farm-stand, a weekly farmer's market, co-op or local CSA, there's bound to be an opportunity to source organically grown, locally farmed produce near you.

Healthy Change #16 – Time to DIY

For many, this is where the rubber meets the road to sticking out these "healthy changes". You may find buying organic or chemical free products is perfectly fine. But for others, the financial [...]