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Mopeds and One Hit Wonders

opeds –

So here’s the thing; mopeds are fun, and most of us are embarrassed to admit it.

We’re not talking vintage hipster scooters, we are talking “will it even make to the end of the block” mopeds!

They go just fast enough to be mildly fun, but slow enough that you have zero concerns, keeping you in the moment. You see everything around you, feel the wind…ok, breeze…lite breeze…in your face, wave to a friend, and laugh awkwardly when certain people see you (you even avoid going down certain streets where certain people live). The noise they make is even funny…sounds more like a comedian on stage making fun of a small animal then an actual engine.

Think about…think about the people you have seen on them. A few weeks back we pulled up behind a dude on a moped, a PURPLE moped, at a stop light (we are a one stop light town). Waiting for the light to change, multiple cars honked and waved at him. Waved not at him, but at him ON A MOPED. He waved back, honked back…more like he beeped back (meep meep!) and cracked more than one goofy smile. The light went green and he took off…yes, it took a good 20 yards to get up to speed. The people passing loved it. He loved it…and for the three blocks we were behind him there was pure joy for all.

You know what else is slightly embarrassing but so worth it…dancing. At weddings with friends, at home in the kitchen with your spouse, on the street at a car show with your daughter, with your infant son as you rock him to sleep at night.

You know what else is slightly embarrassing but so worth it…singing. Off key, making up words as you go, in the shower, in the yard, in chorus with random strangers when walking down the sidewalk as you share a moment thanks to a vintage one hit wonder floating by.

While on the subject, EVERYONE has songs that they love but are embarrassed to admit to friends. Confess! There are songs you ONLY play when alone in the car and on the highway! So what if they are pop songs completely devoid of actual musical value. Don’t believe me? Next time you jump into the passenger seat of a friend’s car and the radio comes on blaring (and they rush to turn it off); ask them what was the last song playing before they turned the car off. I’m telling you! Own it and crank that volume!

Yah, other folks may snicker at you when you ride a moped, when you dance, or when you sing (especially when you roll off the highway and up to a stop light, forgetting your windows are down and stereo up). But chances are the same people wish they were willing to join you.

If you have kids they will love you for every minute you don’t care about embarrassing yourself. When your daughter roles her eyes at you…lifelong memory!

Never rode a moped? Find two and cruise through town with a friend…trust me on this.

Meep meep!

Are you willing? Name your favorite “moped” song in the comments below. That song you are embarrassed to like – name it! Triple dog dare you!

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  • Avatar

    Dancing Queen by ABBA…. don’t judge!

    • Kelsey Steffen
      Kelsey Steffen

      Absolutely NO judgement! There’s no telling when a song’s gonna be “that song” that sticks with ya!

  • Jason Steffen
    Jason Steffen

    Moped Song: Brian McKnight – Anytime Dance Remix: So listening to it right now!

    • Kelsey Steffen
      Kelsey Steffen

      Bryan Adams, Summer of ’69!!!

  • Avatar

    Lex totally used to have a moped and commute through Salem to work on it. So fun! I’m determined to dig up a pic now 😉

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