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o, we are not bikers (it’s a good thing if this reference is lost on you).

What does water do at 211 degrees? Not much, it is hot but calm. What happens at 212 degrees? One degree can make that kind of difference. Maintaining the degree of a discussion can mean the difference between respect and regret. Agree to disagree…211 degrees. Anger and accusation…212.

For a ship captain, straying a single degree from course can mean the difference between an intended landing and arriving in a different world. Stay the mind on right thoughts and peace is the end result, stray by one degree and drift farther and farther from course, arriving to conclusions of “how did we get here?”

One degree up or down; one degree to the left or right…all degrees matter, and all are influenced directly by us. All are intensely personal with tangible results…and when unchecked, all miss the mark.

For us, One Degree is about mentally maintaining the temperature, course, and distance of our thoughts and feelings. What do we know? Live there. What is pure, trustworthy, honorable, reasonable, and sincere; mile markers that stay the course.

Speculation alters a plotted course. Anxiousness raises the temperature. Irritation? That destination is predictable. Reaction? Impossible to set a course by. Rumor and second hand accounts are sure to create separation.

Sound dispassionate? Well, yes…sort of. Within One Degree anger, rage, hate, ire and misery are all emasculated.

Creativity, fire, joy, love, excitement, compassion, devotion; all breathe deeply and burn brightly within One Degree.

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    We are all on the cusp,….lean forward.

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    Great insight!

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