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ow on earth is one supposed to recognize every ingredient in their food and know whether it’s “healthy” or “harmful”? With the thousands of ingredients out there (most unrecognizable by their scientific names) it can be overwhelming as consumers when faced with decisions for healthy choices in the grocery store.

There is a solution! Or at the very least, a helpful tool. It’s from my friends at The Environmental Working Group. I’ve shared before my love of their Skindeep website, helping consumers score their everyday household products and supplying lists for safer alternatives.

EWG keeps on giving with their “Rate Your Plate” page which has scored over 80,000 foods! Bookmark this page on your smartphone, that way when faced with a tough decision in the grocery store, you’ll have some scientific evidence whether to toss that product into your cart, or leave it on the shelf.

That’s not all! As if EWG weren’t awesome enough, they also help us out in the produce department. They have tested and compiled a list of the 12 worst and 15 best products to buy in regards to pesticides in produce. This is so helpful for those of us on a budget, as these lists are strictly for non-organic produce, which allows us to make educated decisions whether to buy an organic apple, or a non-organic apple (just a hint, apples are consistently at the top of the dirty dozen list…always splurge for organic apples!).

Bookmark the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” and be confident when placing those non-organic avocados in your cart!

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