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an you believe it? We’re already on Healthy Change #9! That means, if you’ve been with us since the beginning, you have been changing your life, eliminating unwanted toxins, ditching excess chemicals and getting healthier for 2 months now! That’s 1/6th of the year! Give yourself a round of applause!

This week we’re heading back to our bathrooms. Still have that running list of household/personal products? Go grab it and look specifically at the shampoo and conditioner listed. Have you checked the score on yet? If not, do that first…you’ll want to know where your current brand stands before looking to replace it. You may already have a stellar product!

One of the features I love on the EWG website is the search bar. Typing in your products by name is simple (as long as they’ve reviewed it), but may take some creativity with wording. Try typing the exact name as shown on your bottle of shampoo first…if that doesn’t locate your product, try just typing the brand name, such as “Suave”…or “Suave Shampoo”. Depending on your brand, you may have to do some scrolling. The products are alphabetized by number, so all the products rated a “1” are alphabetized, then products rated a “2” are alphabetized, and so on.

Do you see your product listed? Once you find it, next to your product it should say “(shampoo)”. This is a link to all the shampoo products EWG has rated. If your product scored poorly you’ll want to click there. The reason I love this feature is that it will take you to every shampoo EWG has reviewed, starting with all the best scores, alphabetically. We’ve found many products we love this way!

Our criteria for finding new products are they must:

  • Score a 3 or better (or a 1 when finding a new product).
  • Be affordable.
  • Be on Amazon.
  • Come in a scent I like.

We have tried three or four different brands of shampoo and conditioner to find what works well for our family (I get not all hair types are the same, and not everyone loves citrus scents!). It may take some trial and error to find your favorites. So, your assignment for this week (if your current products scored poorly) is to pick a new shampoo and conditioner!

I think it’s important to remind you that your hair can go through an adjustment period when switching to a new product. Don’t use it twice and decide you hate it. You’ll really need to give it a couple weeks to see how your hair is going to react. So be patient in the experimenting. Try to make it fun!

It’s really as simple as that! Find a shampoo and conditioner that’s affordable. Choose a scent you love and be sure to see if it’s available through Amazon (who doesn’t love Amazon?).

Just a little reminder about our Amazon linksthey are affiliate links! What this means is that, at no extra cost to you, we get a small commission on any products you order when you simply get to Amazon through our blog! Each penny adds up so we appreciate it greatly! So, if you love all the ad free content we bring to you and want to help support our efforts, click here and bookmark that page as your Amazon portal. Then, shop as usual!! You’ll get all the same great Amazon prices and products, and we’ll benefit from your shopping! Thanks!

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