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appy 2016! Welcome to the best year of your life…if we have anything to do with it! Yes, “best” is presumptuous…but why would you start the New Year any other way?

If you’re like us, you’re all geared up for your healthy New Year’s resolutions. You know what I’m talking about…those resolutions you make each year and, if you’re lucky, can actually stick with for more than a month.

Perhaps this year you’re focused on healing chronic ailments, autoimmune disorders, lack of energy or losing that stubborn excess weight. Maybe you want to eat “real food” or “go organic“. Maybe you want to cook more from scratch, or perhaps you’re looking to start simple by eliminating toxins in your household products. Regardless of your goals, we’re here to help guide you on your healthy track in 2016.

We have compiled “52 Healthy Changes(click to see all changes) to make in the New Year. 52…that’s one healthy change each week. Very doable, yes? We think so!

Starting the first week of January we will be emailing a newsletter every two-weeks just for our email subscribers. These emails will be filled with the exact changes we have made in our own lives, little by little, year after year. And for the benefit of our readers, we’ve compiled them into doable, bite-sized changes to implement each week. If you stick with us for the whole year, you’ll look back at 2016 and see 52 healthy changes that are now part of your everyday healthy lifestyle!

I’ll be honest, some changes are extremely simple, while others will take a little more commitment…but we’ll be with you the whole year to encourage you, ask you how you’re doing, and keep you accountable to these changes.

You won’t want to miss these newsletters! To make sure you don’t miss the first installment (1/4/2016), sign up at the bottom of this post with your email address.

Each newsletter will give you access to the following:

  • A witty and fun update from us.
  • A link to your 2 “healthy changes” to make (one each week).
  • Information why this change is important and how it can benefit your health/life.
  • How these same changes have impacted our own life.
  • General cost of each change (good news, many don’t cost a dime and some will actually save you money!)
  • Comments from readers (like you!)
  • Additional post links from Jason and his Redeem 5.2 posts as well as his 1st Generation Dad series.
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    Woot! Color me excited!

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    I am excited to join in, share, learn and glean from each other! Thank you!

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