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Update 5/10/2016: We have added boatloads of new products to our Products Page, but our integrity disclaimer remains…everything listed on our Products Page is something we love and use (or have used). We will never recommend products for our own benefit.

Our desire is to bring awareness to hidden toxins and chemicals lurking within the home: in food products, cleaning products and personal hygiene products, even leisurely products like candles and fragrances. But knowing about the dangers is only the first step. Finding replacement products that are healthy takes a lot of time and energy, which is why we want to help! Over the past 5 years we have tried countless products…some good, some not. We’ve weeded through the ones we didn’t like and found some real gems!


elsey is frequently asked “what product to you use for this”…or “that”…

She does a significant amount of research on products, tests them out in our own home, and keeps updated on product changes. To make it easy for ya’ll* we put together this Products Page, this Gift Guide, and Reviews listing many of the products we use in our own home and recommend.

The links are a way for us to share this effort and cut down on the work for you, our visitors. It’s another way we do the work so you can get to the doing!

And bonus! If you do happen to click on the links and purchase any of these products (Amazon, Branch Basics or Vital Proteins), we make a little money through our Affiliate Programs (official stuff). Just make sure to actually purchase the product (and any other products you want, even if it’s not listed on our site) after clicking through our link. If you just check it out, but don’t finish your transaction until another day…we get nada. But we’ll still be glad you took our recommendation!

Integrity disclaimer: We will never recommend a product just so we can benefit from it. If we are not thrilled by something, it will not be a post on Full of Days. Anytime we are aware of more economical options we will include it (Example: Kerrygold butter – the savings from buying it at Costco will pay for your membership…it does ours!).

Simple enough…this helps us afford to share all the free content. We decided early on that we did not want to clutter up Full of Days with advertising. We hope you agree!

* Have we ever told you about how Kelsey and I argued over the spelling of “ya’ll”…guess who won?

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    Kelsey Steffen

    It depends on if you’re saying “you all” or “ya all”…as per the lesson I taught our children in All About Spelling, the apostrophe goes where the letters are left out! You all = y’all; Ya all = ya’ll. I simply wanted to say “you all”…it’s just a matter of semantics, not winning or losing! I DIDN’T LOSE!

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