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DefenderShield iPad cover and EMF blocking ear buds with Radiation Nation loaded on the screen

Top Three Ways to Minimize EMF Radiation

We can’t eliminate our EMF exposure completely, but we can significantly reduce the negative health risks by doing these three things.

As a naturally minded mama to four, The Hubs and I do our best to buy and feed our family organic, unprocessed food. We filter our water to eliminate contaminates. We spend our money on safe non-toxic cleaning supplies, making our own when possible. We even buy safe personal care products that have passed the “EWG test“.

But for years we were completely unaware of a silent health threat that was causing harm to our family…even while we slept!

And chances are, if you’re reading this, it’s affecting you right now. 

What is it?

Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation

Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation (aka EMF radiation) was a term I’d seen vaguely once or twice, but never really paid much attention to. Then, about a year ago, I was studying how to improve sleep and came across some research on EMF’s. It was pretty alarming.

Little did I know that every electronic device in my bedroom was potentially interfering with my sleep. This meant my cell phone, my iPad, our wifi, and even the headphones I use nightly, were all affecting the quality of my sleep, and subsequently my health.

I decided it was time I dug a little deeper, so I snagged a copy of “Radiation Nation: Fallout of Modern Technology”. Through reading this book I discovered that research is now suggesting “nearly all the human plagues which emerged in the twentieth century, like common acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children, female breast cancer, malignant melanoma and asthma, can be tied to some facet of our use of electricity.” (p. 23)

“Ugh! Time to minimize our EMF radiation! But how?”

How can I protect myself and minimize EMF radiation?

I can’t recommend enough snagging your own copy of Radiation Nation: Fallout of Modern Technology, because by reading the book I learned there is MUCH we can do to help protect ourselves and minimize EMF radiation. To eliminate our exposure completely is impossible. Extremely low frequency and radio frequency radiation (the two forms of EMF radiation) are everywhere. But by doing these three things, you can significantly minimize the negative health affects caused by EMF exposure for both you and your family.

1. Create Distance

By simply creating distance between you and the EMF source you immediately lessen the intensity. The electromagnetic waves go out, in all directions, from the source so as you get further away, the harmful EMF effects decrease.

For us, we made a few simple changes, like not setting our phones on our side tables while we sleep at night, but moving them across the room (this proved doubly beneficial as we’re actually out of bed when our alarms go off in the morning!). If you don’t use your phone as an alarm, you can also leave it in another room or turn it off completely.

In our kiddos room, we moved their clock/CD player farther away from their bed and made sure any other electronic devices were unplugged from the wall while not in use. If there’s only one electrical outlet available, just know even moving the items a few inches can help!

2. Reduce Your Time

This goes without saying, but the more you can decrease the amount of time you spend using devices that emit EMF radiation the better. Because the risks of EMF exposure are cumulative and effects occur over longer periods of time, it’s better to use these devices in shorter increments when possible.

Because I spend a good amount of my time daily on the computer, I started making little changes like taking frequent breaks from the laptop. Getting up every 15 minutes or so to grab a glass of water, swap a load of laundry, go outside for some fresh air. Also, if you have the choice between using a desktop PC or a laptop, choose the desktop. If not, try to take frequent breaks from your electronic device whenever possible.

I also set my cell phone across the room from me when possible, that way it’s not sitting right by my side, or even in my pocket throughout the day. And, I usually use the speaker phone setting as much as possible so the phone isn’t directly by my head during a phone call.

3. Shield Yourself

In our home, our third line of defense is to use DefenderShield cases as much as possible which protect against EMF emissions. We understand eliminating all our electronic devices just isn’t reality (we’re bloggers, after all!). So we did some searching for EMF protection and landed on DefenderShield.

We chose DefenderShield over some other brands because their products are independently tested and provide protection from multiple forms of radiation. In fact, their shields protect 99% of RF radiation and between 95%-98.25% of ELF radiation.

This includes:

  • radiation from device hardware (ELF radiation);
  • Wi-Fi radiation (RF radiation);
  • cellular radiation (RF radiation);
  • Bluetooth radiation (RF radiation); and
  • Heat radiation.

We love that we can let our littles watch a movie on the iPad, and I can listen to my podcasts through my ear buds (while The Hubs sleeps peacefully beside me) without worrying about our exposure to harmful radiation.

We currently have shields for our iPad and a couple pairs of ear buds, but the rest of DefenderShield’s products are on our Christmas wishlists!

Top Three Ways to Minimize EMF Radiation
DefenderShield iPad Case
Top Three Ways to Minimize EMF Radiation
DefenderShield Laptop Shield
Top Three Ways to Minimize EMF Radiation
DefenderShield Cell Phone Case
Top Three Ways to Minimize EMF Radiation
DefenderShield Headphones
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