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hat is your greatest day ever? Hopefully the question brings to mind warm memories from many days scattered throughout your life. Interestingly enough, for us, most of those “greatest days” either happened as a result, or were elevated to “greatest” by elements beyond our control. Though there are exceptions; graduations, wedding day, birth of kids, great days at the beach or stand up paddle boarding on a high mountain lake, there is something about the “unlooked for” that heightens a day. Walking through a good day we simply stumbled into circumstances that made it a great day. The great days that rush to mind, more often than not, sort of just happened.

Full of Days is about all of the days in-between

A random day in October, a week from Tuesday, today…days, that if filled to full, make up a life Full of Days; the Days That Become A Life.

A full day is planned for, it is intentional, it is soaked in the lessons of the past and when we pay attention, provides the experience the future is built on. The subtle value in these days (multiple) is what strings them together to form a life (singular). These days tend to look an awful lot like yesterday and are likely to be repeated tomorrow. They are routine in the big picture, but unique in the details. They often require improvisation and adjustment when life interrupts (improve and adjustments rooted in priorities).  They have more to do with intentional choices and perspective, and less to do with circumstances and happenstance.

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What is Full of Days?

…days, that if filled to full, make up a life Full of Days; these are the Days That Become A Life.”

Note from Jason and Kelsey: Explain a vision in an 800 word blog post? That we were the caliber of writers to accomplish that! Even that we had it figured out enough to communicate so concisely! These paragraphs are not meant to be comprehensive. Instead, they are meant to provide a context. A context for conversation, a structure  for direction and shared ideas to develop in all of the days to come. Please do not define Full of Days by these words alone, consider them in context of all that we are doing.  

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