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A Different Promise

As a parent, I cannot be there…a lot. Not because of work or time commitments, but because of reality. Every time the kids run outside to play, go to a friend’s house, head off with Grammie, or even lay their heads down to sleep at night, I cannot keep eyes on them the majority of the time. Nor should I…

One of the early 1st Generation Dad posts was about letting kids “go as far as they can get”. A recent trip was the farthest our ten year old has ever gone - to a Conservation Camp (Fish & Game) for 5 days, 8 hours away, with no one she knew and with no contact with us. 

So I prayed…often. She was so far away (though no more out of sight than when she's playing outside our house) that I prayed all of the protective prayers – that God would never leave her, nor forsake her; that God would show Himself strong on her behalf; that He would never sleep, never slumber while watching over her.     

Then something occurred to me…these prayers were for me, for my comfort. So what was I praying for my daughter? I recalled this post and wondered “…what IF there is a fly fishing guide…” growing up in my house? One that may find a love for fishing this week while at camp? What if there's a conservation officer, biologist, camp director, hunter or mountain guide finding her passion this week? Maybe it would be discovering a character trait that will define her life: communication, compassion, leadership, a love for people or the gift to turn strangers into friends…

My prayers changed…oh, I still prayed the protective ones! But I spent more time on “the plans” for her life, the promises that have been in the works since before she was born. I prayed as much for her future as I did for my present. 

She came home safe and with a hundred stories to share…I wonder if one of them will be the first chapter in her life?       

- Jason


Header Image: Fishin' Cooks Lake, Boundary County ID
Inset Image: Left Eye Dominant Bulls Eye

1st Generation Dad

"Flawed and Absent"
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