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Healthy Change #43 - Consistency

bout mid October we have to remind ourselves to stay consistent. Across the board, really. This time of year it would be so easy to get lax on home school in eager anticipation for holiday vacation; the kids get cooped up inside as the wet fall weather rolls through; rich and sweet comfort foods beckon to be made, and piping hot mugs oft warm our chilly hands.

How to Resist the Holiday Treats

The question is, how do we maintain our healthy-living lifestyle during this season that’s tied to so many yummy sweets and treats? How do we rise above the gentle lures of the holiday themed lattes, and fudge, and pie, and cookies, and…

Truth be told, we don’t! Not 100% of the time, that is. These beckoning treats usually result in some kitchen experimentation to create a “healthier” alternative, but oftentimes still plenty rich and sweet…so what helps us stay consistent amid the countless temptations to abandon it all? We remember our 80/20 rule and indulge, whole-heartedly, sans guilt. If possible, we try to choose options that fall within our “Good, Better, Best” guidelines, but even when they don’t, we don’t kick ourselves over it.

I’m always amazed at what allowing for these treats does to my mental attitude toward treats. When I allow for them, in moderation (and choosing healthier options when possible), I no longer relate treats with guilt. They’re enjoyed, and then done. I don’t know about you, but if I’m told I “shouldn’t” or “can’t” have something, then it occupies my thoughts and mind. It becomes my focus, and because it’s “forbidden”, I become a kitchen-made rebel.

Remember the Why

When faced with additional temptations, which is common this time of year, we choose to remember the “why“. It’s in the why that we’ll find our footing when we’ve given way to too many treats. The why reminds us why we say no, or choose a better alternative. The why isn’t a bully, a dictator or tyrant. The why is simply a gentle voice of reason, reminding us of the decision we made to live this healthier lifestyle, to remind us of the reason to walk in this why in the first place. 

What is Your “Why”?

Are you still with me? Discovering your why is pivotal to making any healthy habit stick. For us, we primarily follow this traditional diet based on the research we’ve done over the years. The proof of realized health after adopting this lifestyle has become our why, making these “tough” decisions much easier to make with an amazing future ahead of us!

Am I saying an amazing future isn’t possible without a hard choice and following a traditional diet? Not at all! I think we’d all agree that we know at least one person who defies the odds, living a healthy life well into their 90’s, all while maintaining a not-so-healthy lifestyle.

But do you want to throw caution to the wind and “chance it”, hoping you’re among the small percentage that live to the vibrant age of 90 by chance?

I don’t!

Healthy Change #43: Stay consistent and find your why!

Before those sweets and treats overtake your kitchen, find your why. Once you know the reasons for saying no, or finding a healthier alternative, finding that balance will be easier, and you’ll enjoy your indulgences all the more!

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